“a walk along the jersey shore

IMG_8281some of life’s journeys are short but will last a lifetime
28 Dec. 93

“a walk along the jersey shore”
it’s a gray and cloudy day with a misty rain quietly falling while the shadows of summer now lie hidden by the stillness of winter…. on a lonely beach, with only the gulls to listen to my footsteps, i drift slowly along…. my footsteps now gently erase the multitude of prints that were carelessly and without thought left by the gulls…. the wind is gentle yet filled with the salty smell of a winter ocean….. and on this canvas painted in lonely shades of gray, the ocean plays its haunting symphony to my ears and with each breaking of the waves i wonder back farther into my youth….. my small feet once walked upon this beach…… and through the years that pass, the one constant on this beach was always the haunting rhythm of the sea……. but my thoughts how different they must of been…. why do i yearn for those lost summer days…… i walked this beach then without the wisdom of the years, years that have taught me to stop and listen to the music of this gray and lonely ocean…. now i learned to touch its mystic soul and listen more clearly to its song amongst the damp and chilly winds…. and always the haunting cries of the gull fill the air around me….. are they the butterflies within this meadow….. if so, where are the flowers that fill the air with their silent fragrance… instead the sting of the salt air.from a damp and lonely winter wind….. a wind that blows silently ashore, only to sweep across this lonely and desolate beach….. the laughter of summer days are now lost on this beach…. only the grays of winter must pass by slowly amid the naked trees of this season….. i wonder as one walks, can they see the beauty on this canvas or does one anxiously sweep this aside and think only of the days of summer…. for this wandering voyager i ask only for the solitude of this gray and cloudy day…. these damp winds i know will be tamed by the warmth of the fire and as i wander, its good to know that only the sea will erase my path along this shore but not my memory of this walk

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