thoughts on my immortality #22

“reflections: thoughts on my immortality #22”

the past that silently left,
left when we were not aware
that today will never be our yesterday’s…
you want to hold on tight
but sadly you realize
leaves will always change their colors
and fall
while our winter’s of tomorrow await…

be it a song,
for you remember those feelings well,
sometimes even better than a faded photo
of a frozen moment…
lost amongst all the other fragments of time
that you tried to steal
but you can’t,
you can’t because those moment were lost
and it’s hard to hold on,
to cling to something that isn’t there anymore….

and what of dreams
don’t they too tarnish
tarnish in the winter of life….
so are my dreams really just a compass
silently guiding me
from my past to points unknown…
but then with a compass you must have faith,
a star you can see
believe in and trust…
so are my dreams then reflections
reflections of pain and disappointment,
tarnished wishes or dreams
forgotten by my fairy princess,
or are they the last remnant of hope
fading silently in the shadows of my age…
tessjulianna 1/22/18


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