“beautiful feelings”

life is nothing more than a multitude of journeys…. and with these journeys i had my share of pain, tears, frustration and what i thought was happiness… i faced everyday looking for happiness because life is too precious a gift to waste… and today i love the journey that i’m on…. for my smile has never been brighter…..
written after watching the evening’s first production show of “Born to Dance” and waiting for the second show to begin… i am now in love with my life, it’s beautiful and so is my smile

“beautiful feelings”
my stomach is in knots
i can’t concentrate on anything
my eyes dance across the screen unable to focus
and there’s an energy flowing thru me,
a high i’ve never experienced before
and i ask
why does my heart feel like this,
is it joy
i know not
but i want to sing
i want to dance
i want to be young, alive and in love,
all that she was denied..
and if this is happiness
i’ve never know it as such
and it scares me…
“he” never felt like this
and i ask
am i addicted to “her” essence
or that potion that flows through my blood
so i cry
i cry because i can’t get enough
will there ever be enough of this feeling
for i would not want to live without this joy because now i know what true happiness is

tess julianna 6/24/17

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