April 15

yesterday i bought a decorative sign to hang in my den, it reads:
Live your life with intention.
Live the life you’ve always dreamed of;
the life you have always imagined living.
and i think of my Journey…. my Journey’s intention is to do exactly that…. that is what i want to obtain from my Journey… it sounds so easy… “to live the life you have always imagined living”… where is the part explaining the tears that you must still shed, the pain you will feel…. the lessons that you have to learn… each of these can be a pitfall that can obstruct my vision, cause me to wander from the path… Journeys can take one to places they may not have intended to go, places they would of avoided, and in times like that it’s hard to find your star to lead you back to the path…..
one lesson i have learned from my Journey called “Life”, is that the harder an individual Journey the rewards are usually so much greater, the lessons learned, so much more valuable…. this Journey i take now is the hardest i’ve ever faced…. the pitfalls are many and there has been many tears…. most of the time i needed support to get me just to the next day….. i never needed that before… before i could climb the highest of mountains, today i can’t, i need help….. one of my lessons this Journey is giving me is the “value of friendship”, the giving and receiving….. it’s hard for me to give as i feel i need to receive more, i’m learning… it’s hard…
many days my Journey takes me to places where i can’t see my guiding star… i have to rely on “faith”, faith now becomes my compass…. the “life i’ve always imagined living” can’t be felt and i get lost… my compass can’t find it’s star…. it happens and it will probably again… but today i’m walking through a beautiful field…. it’s flowers are my friends, the friends that cared, that i needed…. and my vision is clear… and guess what… i can see clearly “that life i’ve always imagined”….. i feel happiness i’ve never felt before… and i love “her” more than i ever imagined i could… i’m excited and i want to run but these are the times one must stop often and smell the flowers in your journey….
i know i have many miles yet to travel…. it’s alright, Journeys are never short

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