in some point of time, every journey must have a beginning, and at this point the journey is usually just a vague idea, such as i want to go hike Mt. Rainer or i want to go to Italy….. the journey at this point may be an idea, a hope, a wish or a promise that we can carry with us for years or we put into place immediately… my current journey i carried with me literally my whole life…. …. i remember as a child, i would spin a globe and randomly place my finger at a given place and stop the globe…. where my finger rested was where my journey would take me…. today many of those places are actually alive in my memory as i did journey to those far off places… many of my journeys were due to a book i read…. some books that i read i carried that dream with me for a lifetime…. Two Years Before the Mast, a book i first bought as a young child and i knew i too one day would sail Round the Horn (Cape Horn)…. yes i must admit i did not battle the wind and waves in a small sailboat but instead i was on a Princess cruise i was working…. the size of the boat wasn’t as important as just physically seeing “the Rock” and knowing i was there, that i experienced the thrill and excitement of everyday as that dream materialized….

in the next stage of a Journey, the Journey will start to develop with a starting point and yes a final destination…. the final destination is only the physical end of that journey, as what is gained by that journey we can carry with us for the rest of our life, and now i am not talking about that so called destination but the emotional or mental growth that we found during that journey… that is gained by the day to day experience, not the destination… on my wrist i wear a bracelet, a gift, and on this bracelet is engraved the words “Embrace the Journey”….. with my current journey this is my bible, to embrace everyday, every minute, for i really do not know where this destination will actually be or when i will reach it…. the destination is nothing more than a distraction, i must focus on everyday, every sunrise and sunset, every emotion from every minute….
as an Alaskan Naturalist for Princess Cruises i tell this to every passenger i meet…. do not focus on that destination but embrace everyday of this journey because it’s those memories we will carry with us for the rest of our life… it’s those memories that will bring you back to Alaska again….
my good friend Michael, an incredibly gifted photographer has seen the natural world through the lens of his camera…. his photographs are a testimony to how he embraced every minute of a particular journey… i never saw a photograph of his final destination, as to him that probably just marked and end he probably didn’t want to happen…
remember, your journeys are out there waiting for you… journeys have no boundaries, only the limits of your dreams or imagination… and always remember, “Embrace your Journey”

April 15

yesterday i bought a decorative sign to hang in my den, it reads:
Live your life with intention.
Live the life you’ve always dreamed of;
the life you have always imagined living.
and i think of my Journey…. my Journey’s intention is to do exactly that…. that is what i want to obtain from my Journey… it sounds so easy… “to live the life you have always imagined living”… where is the part explaining the tears that you must still shed, the pain you will feel…. the lessons that you have to learn… each of these can be a pitfall that can obstruct my vision, cause me to wander from the path… Journeys can take one to places they may not have intended to go, places they would of avoided, and in times like that it’s hard to find your star to lead you back to the path…..
one lesson i have learned from my Journey called “Life”, is that the harder an individual Journey the rewards are usually so much greater, the lessons learned, so much more valuable…. this Journey i take now is the hardest i’ve ever faced…. the pitfalls are many and there has been many tears…. most of the time i needed support to get me just to the next day….. i never needed that before… before i could climb the highest of mountains, today i can’t, i need help….. one of my lessons this Journey is giving me is the “value of friendship”, the giving and receiving….. it’s hard for me to give as i feel i need to receive more, i’m learning… it’s hard…
many days my Journey takes me to places where i can’t see my guiding star… i have to rely on “faith”, faith now becomes my compass…. the “life i’ve always imagined living” can’t be felt and i get lost… my compass can’t find it’s star…. it happens and it will probably again… but today i’m walking through a beautiful field…. it’s flowers are my friends, the friends that cared, that i needed…. and my vision is clear… and guess what… i can see clearly “that life i’ve always imagined”….. i feel happiness i’ve never felt before… and i love “her” more than i ever imagined i could… i’m excited and i want to run but these are the times one must stop often and smell the flowers in your journey….
i know i have many miles yet to travel…. it’s alright, Journeys are never short


This is the post excerpt.


journeys….. we all take them… could i ask, can life be considered one long journey or just a multitude of small journeys… and at the end of a journey always lies the destination… is that what we seek in these journeys, in our life, this so-called destination….
over the past hundreds of years thousands of voyagers have walked the “Camino de Santiago”, a pilgrimage also known as “The Way of St. James”… is the sole purpose of this pilgrimage to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain…. no for a pilgrimage can be defined as a journey or more importantly a search of moral or spiritual significance….. what we find and gain everyday of this journey, that is the reward we carry with us for the rest of life, not the final steps to our destination…

this blog i will write will be about journeys… the journey i take this summer in Alaska… but also about a journey i waited a lifetime to take in life…. i invite you to walk with me… the pages that follow will be my thoughts, lessons i learned, my hopes and also my disappointments, my happiness and my pain….
it’s once been said a journey begins with the first step taken… this is my first step